Cantonese Vocabulary Categories

Dive into our curated categories to deepen your understanding and expand your vocabulary in Cantonese. This section of our site is designed to categorically organize words and phrases to assist learners at all levels. Explore below to find categories that interest you and embark on your journey to mastering Cantonese.


Culinary Ingredients and Desserts 烹飪食材及甜點
Sweets Dairy Spices, Oils and Sauces
Grammer 語法
Interjections and Sentence Particles 感嘆詞同句子粒子
Interjections Sentence Particles
Meat, Seafood, Nuts, and Protein 肉類、海鮮、堅果及蛋白質
Meat and Poultry Seafood Nuts and Protein
Money and Business 金融同商業
Basic Financial Terms Common Business Activities
Cantonese Morphemes 粤語詞素
Noun Prefixes Noun Suffixes Verb Suffixes